21 Predictions for 2021

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2 min readJan 9, 2021

2020 was excellent for the crypto markets. With one year turning the corner, it’s time to put out some investment theses for the crypto market. This includes macro predictions, price predictions and coins to lookout for.

Nightly Crypto 2021 Theses and Predictions
  1. Mogul Productions is the biggest dark horse project on the market that no one is talking about (yet) and they will hit the crypto market in a massive way in 2021. Major partnerships, token announcements, and movies will be made. DeFi was the trend of 2020 and now DeFi will be used for one of the largest industries in the world: the film industry
  2. Every good prediction article comes with a price prediction for Bitcoin. Bitcoin will hit 65k and will never be lower than 20k in 2021
  3. Elon Musk / Tesla will announce a strategic investment in Bitcoin
  4. The stock market will keep hitting record highs as the United States continues to print more money
  5. Dave Portnoy will get into some serious trouble with the SEC
  6. Ethereum will hit a new ATH in 2021, but we will realize that ETH is not money. The decoupling between Bitcoin and Ethereum will continue
  7. The killer consumer app for DeFi will be a compliant, easy on ramp to DeFi for normal people where they can participate in yield farming, liquidity pools, and everything that DeFi has to offer from one recoverable smart wallet
  8. $PTON stock will keep booming
  9. FTX Exchange will be the #1 crypto exchange by the end of the year
  10. A prediction market will launch for levered trading on sports futures (FTX will probably be a leader here)
  11. 2021 will be the year of the creator. We will continue to see creators curate audiences directly through their channels
  12. ETH2.0 will not exit Beacon Mode
  13. Buffalo Bills will win the Superbowl
  14. There will be widespread misinformation around the COVID vaccine and COVID will still be prevalent in our lives in 2022
  15. Tesla will not launch the Cybertruck
  16. We will see a bitcoin mining IPO
  17. Someone will bring SPACs to the blockchain, and DeFi won’t like it
  18. DeFi tools like 1inch, Matcha, Argent, Debanked, Zapper, etc. will become way more mainstream and popular
  19. Matic Network is going to take off as more people lose faith in ETH2.0 plans
  20. Polkadot’s rising price will create a lot of debate over the best L1
  21. The L1 debate will matter less in 2021 because major projects will value interoperability. Take Frontier Wallet for example. Big projects will support the major chains and stay agnostic



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